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Dotmar Uniboard

Dotmar Uniboard

Dotmar® Uniboard is a lightweight construction building system made from an enhanced polymer material to replace ply, plywood, MDF and craft wood. Dotmar® Uniboards solid skin provides added rigidity and strength while the foamed core reduces the weight of the material by up to 30% when compared with other water soaked solid materials. With this closed cell structure, Dotmar® Uniboard prohibits any water absorption allowing for use in any environment indoor or outdoor.

This material is perfect for the following applications;

  • Outdoor kitchens/BBQ areas
  • Cabinets, storage units and shelving.
  • Equine stables, wash down bays and pool surrounds
  • Dog and cat boarding structures
  • Piggery wall and gate panels
  • Zoological applications.
  • Animal quarantine facilities (Disease resistant)
  • Dairy anti-bacterial wall panels
  • Zoological applications
  • Rural applications such as Farms, dairy’s and horse studs as a timber replacement product
  • Garden panels
  • Caravan & 4WD lining

Technical Documents

Advantages of Dotmar® Uniboard

Uniboard marine ply replacement materials are low weight, very low moisture absorption, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance and machinability allow this product to be used across a wide range of timber replacement applications including for acoustic sheet.

Key Benefits of Dotmar® Uniboard

  • Excellent Screw Retention
  • Machinability equal to plywood
  • UV Resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Solid colour throughout, no painting required
  • Less ongoing maintenance required
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Rot Resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Rust Resistant

Sheet size

Standard Uniboard size: 2440 x 1220

Sheet thickness and weights

Thickness Weight
10mm 19-20kg
12mm 23-24kg
15mm 28-30kg
19mm 37-38kg


Standard Colour Range

Black White Light Grey Forest Green
Black White Light Grey Forest Green


Optional colour range

Red Blue Yellow
Red Blue Yellow

Custom colours are available on request minimum order quantities apply.

Important pre installation guidelines

Very Important information 

For successful installation of Dotmar® Uniboard the following guidelines must be adhered to.

Thermal Expansion

Like all thermoplastics, the coefficient of linear thermal expansion is higher than most metals and timber at 2×10-4. That translates to 2mm per metre for every 10°Celcius increase or decrease in temperature. There may be some situations where this may need to be taken into consideration.  If sufficient allowance is not made in these circumstances, Product bending and bowing may result and will void any supplier warranty.

It is highly recommended that you discuss your individual application with the Dotmar representative you purchased your product from and ask him or her to recommend to you the best possible installation method and fixture type after viewing the application.

Please Note: Dotmar EPP is a supplier of plastic material products and the information above should act as a guide only. Decisions made on what should be the best fixing method or fasteners to be used lay solely the responsibility of the Company providing the Installation or the individual installer. The Dotmar Product range must be installed within the guidelines of the product supplier’s technical specifications.