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Dotmar Stableboard


Dotmar’s Uniboard and StableBoard products were specifically developed for use as timber replacement material. Perfectly suited for replacing old, rotting and flaky timber within the agriculture, equine and construction industries. These products eliminate the current need for any on-going maintenance programs. Uniboard and StableBoard will never require painting, will never be attacked by termites or other insects, will never absorb smelly animal urine and just as importantly does not carry diseases.

This makes both products ideal in controlling your biosecurity requirements within a farm and stud environment.

Uniboard and StableBoard are 100% non water absorbent products, they are UV resistant to cope with the harsh Australian conditions and look great!

Dotmar’s Uniboard and StableBoard products are well suited in high impact areas where large animals like horses and cattle are more prone to causing impact type damage from kicking and pushing. The long term benefits of using Uniboard and StableBoard material far exceed the lifespan and durability of any wood based product in the market today.

Please contact your Dotmar representative on 1800 170 001, to assist you in selecting the best suited product for your application.

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Key Features of StableBoard:

A High Impact Resistance Product specifically developed to withstand the everyday wear and tear that horses and other animals may inflict on their environment for example kicking, shoving and chewing.

  • 100% waterproof products
  • High impact resistance
  • 100% recyclable
  • Will never rot, swell or delaminate
  • UV stable to harsh environment
  • Farm biosecurity safe products
  • Can be retrofit to existing structure
  • Reduced risk of injury to animals
  • Does not hold smell of urine
  • Tasteless and Odourless
  • Animals have no desire to chew
  • Maintenance free