Timber Replacement Products Equine Industry 1800-170-001



Dotmar Recycling program

Not only are Dotmar agricultural products manufactured using a percentage of recycled polymer, the sheet itself can also be fully recycled at the end of its service period. Dotmar can provide customers with simple “Recycling Guidelines” to assist with streamlining the process of material recovery. Dotmar agricultural products are a true GREEN alternative to traditional timber substrates.

This page is designed to provide architects, builders and end users with all the information required in relation to the recycling of Dotmar agricultural partitioning panels and products.

Dotmar Products Completed Life-Cycle

Upon Dotmar agricultural partitioning panels and products reaching their intended usage, the material is 100% recyclable.


Steps Taken

The following steps should be taken to ensure products are recycled correctly:

  1. Remove the Dotmar Agricultural product from its current space
  2. Remove all fixing from the Dotmar Agricultural product (including screws, hardware and channels) leaving just the Dotmar sheet.
  3. The products can then be taken to the nearest Dotmar branch where the material will be collected free of charge. Branch locations can be found on the contact us page of this website
  4. The products will be placed into our recycling bins and collected by a nominated recycling company
  5. The product is then shipped to local plastic recyclers where the material is sorted into grades according to colour and quality, it will then be ground, granulated for reprocessing of new extruded and moulded plastic parts and shapes.