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Feed Storage Bins


Conventional feed storage bins widely used across Australia for years have become a haven for disease, wood rot and become rodent food! Dotmar Agricultural plastics participated at the Equitana trade show in Victoria in 2014 and discovered very quickly that there is a real demand for a safer, low maintenance type feed bin. Industries of interest were:

  • DEER

Dotmar Feed Storage Bin is the perfect solution to protect and store your horse’s feed or other perishable items. It will keep your feed dry, dust free and 100% rodent proof. Made from StableBoard (HDPE recycled) material, Dotmar Storage Bin is sturdy as well as lightweight and easy to move around. Dotmar feed bins have an extended life span when compared with timber or metal – will not rust or rot. UV stabilised materials perfect for indoor or outdoor storage. Dotmar Feed Storage Bin can be made to your dimensions with no extra design charge. Additional fittings can be included. Sold in a flat pack or assembled.

  • Will never rot
  • UV resistant
  • Will keep feed dry and dust free
  • Rodent proof
  • Feed safe
  • Disease free
  • Will never absorb moisture
  • Will never splinter or split and harm animals
  • Animals have no desire to chew
  • Will not hold odour or absorb animal urine

Please fill out the storage bin enquiry form with all your dimensional details and a local representative will get back to you with a Quotation. Alternatively, speak with one of our representatives on 1800 170 001 for more information.



“Hi Mishel and Agnes, Just touching base to let you know I have received our feed bins, they are awesome, thank you. When I get them set up in stables I will send you some photos, as we have also used the Dotmar plastic board in the wash area as well. Cheers.”
Dave I Paul Gray Builders   

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